Şubat 26, 2022

What makes a headache

Drug-free solutions have become even more important, especially in dealing with headaches triggered by hunger and thirst. For this reason, many people are searching the internet for ways to relieve headaches without medication. So, is it possible to relieve headaches that are uncertain when they will come, with natural solutions? Yes it is possible

1-Create a Sleep Pattern

Of course, the relationship between sleep and headaches is clear and unequivocal. Just as insomnia can trigger headaches, sleeping too much will trigger both head and body pain. Although the total sleep time seems to be sufficient, interrupted sleep can also increase headaches as it cannot provide a complete rest. If you have frequent headaches, you should definitely regulate your sleep and get enough sleep. Especially during the quarantine process, sitting without sleeping at night and getting up very late in the day will trigger headaches. Our recommendation; By regulating your irregular sleeping hours, do not prolong the daytime sleep, and if it is too suppressed, only 20 minutes of refreshing sleep and do not allow more daytime sleep.

2-For Sufficient Water

Insufficient water consumption causes dehydration, also called dehydration, which triggers headaches. Especially during hot weather periods, our body causes water loss between 500-700 milliliters through evaporation from the skin and respiratory tract. A person who will lose at least 1 liter of water through urine should consume at least 2-2.5 liters of water per day. People who have difficulty in drinking water can be recommended to drink the water with aroma. To be prepared fresh every morning in the morning, put the peel of fruits such as apple, pear, quince or lemon with sweet and strong aroma in 1.5 liters of water and wait. Consume this water slowly as a beverage, keeping it with you at all times.

3-Use Aromatic Oils

Strong aromatic oils such as lavender, eucalyptus or peppermint oil can be used to relieve or relieve headaches due to their relaxing effects. These oils should not be taken orally as they can have very strong aromas and effects. 1 drop of oil can be used by applying it to the temples or by adding a few drops to a bowl of boiled water and smelling the steam. They are good for both the soul and the body, due to their relaxing properties and opening the respiratory tract.

4- Benefit from Herbal Teas

Some herbal teas, which have been used for a long time and whose beneficial effects are known, can also be used to relieve headaches. In addition to its relaxing effects, its antioxidant properties also provide benefits. Especially chamomile, ginger, sage and green tea will work very well as pain relievers. However, the most important point to note here is that these herbal teas must be prepared alone and consumed fresh. Mixing the herbs and/or letting them sit for a long time can also be harmful, as some harmful active substances may form. After boiling, herbal teas should be prepared by placing sufficient amounts in slightly cooled water to about 85-90 degrees, waiting for a while and waiting for 2-3 minutes, and they should be consumed completely. The excess amount should be poured.

5-Apply a Cold or Hot Water Bag

Applying the cold water bag to the top of the head, temples and forehead will be good for headaches, it is more effective especially in migraine. However, during this application, the general body temperature of the patient should be normal and he should not be cold. Applying a cold water bag to people who are already cold and cold can increase the headache. Applying the hot water bag to the neck and upper back muscles can reduce or relieve the pain, and this application will be more effective in tension-type headaches. The important point for both applications is that cold or heat should not damage or burn the skin. Cold, like heat, can burn and damage the skin.


Many people have already experienced that massage is good for headaches. However, there are points to be noted. Some people feel pain/pain, called “allodynia” during pain, by touching the face or scalp. People with allodynia should not be massaged because it can worsen the pain. If there is no allodynia, sweet-hard touches and stroking without pressing too much on the temples, between the two eyebrows, on the scalp and the upper parts of the neck can reduce or relieve the pain. However, very hard pressing, rubbing or squeezing may seem relaxing for the moment, but it can cause the muscles to stiffen later on and can increase the pain even more.

Massage of the neck muscles is a situation that needs to be a little more careful. If possible, it is best to have a professional massage. Spasm in the neck muscles or flattening of the neck is a very common condition due to the fact that posture and sitting disorders are very common, and incorrect massage to this area can increase spasms and may increase pain. Pressing, rubbing or squeezing too hard on the neck and upper back muscles should never be done.

7-Apply to Breathing Exercises

Breathing properly and doing breathing exercises will help both to relieve headaches and to fall asleep easily. There are many different breathing techniques defined, but I will suggest a very simple exercise: After sitting and resting normally for about 5 minutes in a quiet, airy and spacious environment if possible, breathing exercise is done by taking a slow and deep breath for 7 seconds for 5 minutes, holding this breath for 4 seconds, and exhaling slowly and completely for 8-9 seconds. will be.

8-Take a Warm Shower

If your conditions are suitable, a shower that is not too hot will relax your muscles, relax your body and help your pain to pass. If you are a migraine sufferer, it will be good to wash your head for a short time with not very cold water at the end of the shower. It may not be good to do this in tension-type headaches.

9. Don’t Neglect Outdoors, Sunlight, and Exercise

Since the blood circulation will slow down in a body that is constantly inactive, and some substances such as endorphins, enkephalin and adrenaline, which are secreted during movement and which give our body constructive, repairing and energizing, cannot be secreted, people feel even more tired, energized and unhappy. Since both the feeling of tiredness and unhappiness can trigger pain, non-strenuous daily exercises and movement will reduce your headaches or ensure that they do not occur at all. You don’t have to have the perfect conditions to exercise, such as the gym or large parks, open spaces. You can do stretching and stretching exercises that you can do in any environment by opening the windows in your balcony, if you have one, or in your biggest room if you don’t have a balcony, allowing daylight and fresh air to enter.

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